Holistic Life.Style & Eco Fair


The Life.Style Fair usually features lifestyle films and talks, as well as a great selection of laid-back entertainment – visitors get free access to these extra activities on the day (first come, first seated).

What's happening at the Fair on the 7 Oct 2012?

10h30-11h45: Free film - the acclaimed 'local is lekker' documentary 'The Economics of Happiness' (67 minutes) - http://www.theeconomicsofhappiness.org/


11h00-12h00: The Cape Town branch of the International Tai Chi Society brings you a free tai chi and qigong display in the Company’s Garden – everyone is welcome to participate!**


12h00-13h00: Free talk: ‘Taking your power back when it comes to money’ Come and listen to a free talk by acclaimed speaker, coach, workshop facilitator and writer Linda Smith-Harvey, founder of Financial Abundance Coaching* and creator of Linda’s Abundance Diary. Also known as the ‘Abundance Angel’, Cape Town-based Linda is passionate about empowering people in the management of their money. She will also be launching the 2013 Abundance Diary at the Fair (www.lindiary.com).

WIN: For a chance to win the 2013 Abundance Diary join our mailing list here at http://holisticlifestylefair.yolasite.com/ and/or like our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/LifeStyleEcoFair, and/or give us your contact details at the entrance to the Fair on Sunday.

13h00-13h30: Free talk on urban sustainability by Akim of the Green Guerrillas (http://www.gggroup.co.za/) about urban farming and sustainability, using composting worms, Bokashi and biodynamic food growing.***

(Renate of the Garden Market will also be at the Fair showing visitors how to live more sustainably)

13h30-15h15: Free film the award-winning anti-fracking movie 'Gasland' (107 minutes) - http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/

Plus, relax within the tranquil indoor/outdoor setting of the venue, meet friends for a wholesome meal or drink, browse through the many informative and creative stalls and bring your young family to enjoy the kids’ activity area.

*More about Linda Smith-Harvey:

Do you find month-end a stressful time? Do you ever draw money from the ATM and later are left wondering where it went? Does your debt prevent you from saving? Does budgeting fill you with a sense of dread or limitation?

Are you ready to find out how to take back the power? Then join Linda this Sunday at the Life.Style & Eco Fair to explore ways that you can take back your money power: 12h00-13h00 in the workshop room.

Financial Abundance Coaching is a method of inquiring and questioning that helps a person to think more clearly, go beyond ‘limiting’ past beliefs and gain new perspectives in the area of money.  Coaching is an interactive process, a dynamic partnership that provides accountability and support on the journey to financial peace of mind.

Linda uses a holistic approach in her training.  She blends practical tools and introduces spiritual & universal principles, providing an access to increasing the flow of money into your life and ensuring the experience of financial success and achievement.


** More about Tai Chi & Qigong & the International Tai Chi Society

The International Tai Chi Society, Cape Town branch - brings you free tai chi and qigong in the Company's Garden this Sunday 7 Oct - 11h00-12h00).

Tai chi is a rich and intricate art that spans a history of thousands of years. Woven into the slow tai chi movements is an internal, soft martial art that contains the timeless wisdom of Chinese culture, their philosophies and healing systems.

The essence of tai chi is to learn to be in harmony with one’s surroundings and be at peace with oneself. With continuous tai chi practice it is an exercise that promotes the natural  development of the body; for the mind it is a study of quietness, willpower and concentration; and for the soul, a system of spiritual meditation.


The practise of qigong is an important component in Chinese martial arts. It is considered to be a source of power as well as the foundation of the internal style of martial arts. Qigong works by improving the practitioner’s immunity response, increasing a person’s self-healing and self-recovery capabilities and enhancing one’s self-regeneration potential. Qigong exercises combine breathing techniques,  simple body movements and mental imagery to engage concentration and relaxation.

*** More about the Green Guerrillas Group

The Green Guerrillas Group are a revolutionary, progressive movement that believes in using waste for energy; the mechanics of tourism for momentum; and the ethos of sustainability; so as to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The Green Guerrillas don’t play by the rules, are guided by nature, and believe in a collective approach to sustainability. 15 souls from different backgrounds and cultures, we are not political, religious or racially-motivated. Our revolution is against our own complacency and we lead by taking action.

The GGGroup is a thought-provoking biodynamic farming and tour operating business that harvests organic waste, nurtures and sells earthworms, and promotes alternative views on urban sustainability and sustainable travel. By using (amongst other platforms) the mouthpiece of tourism, the mechanics of entrepreneurship, and the ethos of sustainability, the Green Guerrillas are on a mission to spread the good news about the environment, Southern Africa and organic growing with worms.


We will rotate various movies, including:

(Most films courtesy of Wisdom to Nourish: www.wisdomtonourish.co.za)

Award-winning documentary ‘What the Bleep Do We Know!?’ – “a revolutionary cinematic blend of dramatic film, documentary, animation and comedy, while serving up a mind-jarring blend of Quantum Physics, spirituality, neurology and evolutionary thought.” (

Denise Linn’s ‘Instinctive Feng Shui for creating Sacred Space’ – a simple, effective guide for transforming your environment… and life (www.deniselinn.com)

'On Relationships' by Neale Donald Walsch

'The energetics of healing' by Dr Caroline Myss PhD.

'The Vanishing of the bees'

'Capitalism: a love story' by Michael Moore

'The real dirt on Farmer John'

'Seven Spiritual Laws of Success' by Deepak Chopra

'Food Matters'

'The Living Matrix'

'The Secret'

'The Peaceful Warrior' starring Nick Nolte



'I Am'

Dr Bruce Lipton: An Introduction to Spontaneous Evolution (http://www.brucelipton.com/spontaneous-evolution-overview/)

The Corporation: (http://www.thecorporation.com/index.cfm?page_id=46)


'The Economics of Happiness'


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