Holistic Life.Style & Eco Fair

Would you like to apply for a stall at the Fair?

To apply for a stall you need to have a product or service that is related to health, wellness, lifestyle, natural living, alternative therapies, organic products and materials, eco-friendly and sustainable items/services, artisan or handcrafted (no factory-produced items please!) - this includes vegetarian, vegan, organic, raw, halaal, healthy and artisan food options (meat stalls are allowed, but should be organic meat if possible).

We do not guarantee a space for any applicant. Stall allocation depends on the suitability of your products/services, and on availability of space.

Please apply by filling in the following online form, plus downloading, completing and returning the stallholder form Word document available below.

If we have not responded to you within a week, you can also try and contact us at:

soulgrow@mweb.co.za or on 021 788 8088 or 083 3329785 (09h00-16h00, weekdays only)

If at first you do not receive a response, please keep trying via another method of communication - we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: generally there is a shortage of indoor space, and a waiting list for certain areas, however it may be possible to fit certain vendors in at short notice should an opening become available at the last minute. Below is the stallholder information for the Holistic Fair.



NB: You are not guaranteed to get a stall: you will only be able to attend the Fair and make use of the vendor booking information once you have made contact with us, and when we have been able to confirm that there is an available space for you. 

We will keep your signed form on record to be able to find your info quickly should visitors be looking for you after the event or should we need to send you any news/info, including invites to other events and festivals.

For full details about the Fair, please download the above Word document and read thoroughly.

Please sign the appropriate section and send it back to us via email at soulgrow@mweb.co.za or fax to 0866 706741.

Alternatively, bring your signed section with to hand in at the Fair.

Fill out my online form.

Procedure for the day of the Fair:

  • BYO table (& shade if outdoors). 1 chair per stall available at venue.
  • Set-up time 08h30-09h30, visitors start entering at 10h00.
  • Meet organiser outside entrance to Hall from 08h30 (NOT EARLIER!), put your name on attendance register and fill in a stallholder form to hand in. When we are ready we'll collect you and show you where to set up.
  • If you're going to be late or cannot attend for some unforseen reason, please SMS or call me on 083 3329785 before 09h30, otherwise your space will be re-allocated.
  • You can bring your car into the venue to offload/pack up, but it MUST be taken and parked outside in the streets around the venue in the morning. Pack-up strictly 16h00.
  • 1st time outdoor traders can pay at organisers' table on the day (refer to stallholder forms) - thereafter, a regular outdoor space requires prepayment.
  • Indoors (and regular outdoor) stalls are always prepaid in advance - either by cash/EFT bank deposit up until 14 days before the event you wish to attend, or at organisers' table on the day of the Fair for next event (refer to attached forms)
  • Prices go up every year (and are subject to change at any time at organisers' discretion).
  • If you need to communicate with us generally, leave a voicemail (LANDLINE ONLY) or send an email if no answer on landline, or SMS if still not

 Stand out from the crowd and seal the deal: useful advice for vendors

(© Erica Kleine - www.samarketmaven.wordpress.com)

Stand out from the crowd


As a market organiser I often find myself giving vendors advice about how to create a better display or exhibit.

This kind of feedback - and whether the vendors actually pay heed or not - can often make the difference between whether they will persevere and be successful in a market environment, or whether they will fall at the first hurdle and go back to their day jobs.

Like most first-time business people, traders who are new to doing markets (or exhibitors at exhibitions/fairs/festivals) are especially naive when it comes to knowing how to make the best of their enterprises.

A day's trading can seem like a millennia if a stallholder just sits back in their chair in front of a less than inspired display and waits for people to come to their table and engage them. Chances are they will have dismal sales, and will probably blame the market or the visitors.

While a particular market setting may indeed not be the right one for certain goods, services or price points, and while visitors don't always dip very quickly or deeply into their pockets (especially in today's economic climate), preferring instead to simply enjoy the experience of browsing, these factors are only part of the equation of running a successful market stall.

So, vendors, remember the following:

  • Make your display jump out at potential buyers from a distance

Provide a sensual experience

Don’t get lost in the vendor crowd: distinguish your stall by offering a colourful, sensual, interesting, intriguing experience that can be seen from a distance.

Tip: If you’re using a table to display your wares, don’t place everything flat – create visual interest with a pyramid-type arrangement. Check out other stalls and shop window displays for ideas.

  • Time to brush up those social skills! Engage potential buyers without being too pushy


Always imagine your own experiences as  a visitor to markets/exhibits/shops. A friendly, interested, helpful and passionate approach to potential buyers is your best bet.

Tip: Don’t wait for them to talk to you if they’re browsing, tell them something about your products, or ask them something relevant to themselves. But be careful not to freak them out by being too pushy or intrusive – know when to retreat and keep quiet!

More info on how to maximise your market experience coming in future blogs. In the meantime, check out this market visitor’s blog for more insights and ideas:



Create visual appeal


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