Holistic Life.Style & Eco Fair

The Holistic Lifestyle Fair in pictures...

Thanks Beetee of The New Africa Fruit and Juice Bar for the great photos taken at the Fair's 15th birthday 3 June 2012 at our great new venue, Gardens Commercial High School in the City Bowl, Cape Town: https://picasaweb.google.com/117103976154546839414/BilderHolisticFair?authuser=0&feat=directlink

 And below you will find a further selection of photo's we've taken at the Fair over the years.

Lalita & Michael's vegetarian soul food!

Academy of Shiatsu's famous massage sessions.

Amber's handcrafted quilted bags.

Cheryl's gorgeous bohemian creations.

Jen's shamanic life readings.

Lindi's vibrational sound healing.

Kliketyboxes from AllWomenRecycling & Kathleen's handmade recycled crafts & clothing.

Sue's marvelous handpainted meditation cushions.

Dee's delicious Riverside Patch Organic fare.

Tahiera's relaxing reflexology & Marion's stress-relieving shiatsu massage.

Marion Sefton & Judy Kirby's crystal wisdom.

Felafel Ali's flavourful fillings.

Paola's organic, vegetarian, eco-friendly Mediterranean-style meals.


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