Holistic Life.Style & Eco Fair

Life.Style & Eco Fair Exhibitors

On average, at least 100 speciality vendors set up stalls at the Holistic Lifestyle Fair every month, indoors and outdoors.

The wide variety of holistic and lifestyle-oriented exhibits to be seen at the Fair offers the opportunity to regularly sample and experience wholesome, juicy living in a relaxed, open-minded and friendly setting, and to connect with other like-minded people.

Here are a few of the kinds of stalls you will find at the Holistic Lifestyle Fair:

  • Healing Therapies & Modalities
  • Lifestyle/Counselling Modalities & Readers
  • Holistic/Health & Lifestyle Services & Products
  • Food & Drink, including Whole/Vegetarian/Organic & ‘Slow’ Fare
  • Arts/Handcrafts/Bespoke Creations & Décor
  • ‘Green’/Eco-friendly & Conscious Living Products & Services
  • Plants & Herbs
  • Clothes/Jewellery & Body Art
  • Kids’ Stuff
  • Talks, Performances, Buskers & Displays
  • Community Organisations

 To find out more about specific exhibitors/vendors at the Fair, please email us at soulgrow@mweb.co.za

 Typical Life.Style & Eco Fair Vendor List 2012

Art of Living Foundation Breathwork & Meditation
Bradbury, Annette Reader, healer
Coetzee, Michael Tarot, crossover, body scan, space cleansing, exorcism
Daly, Karine Spiritual Intuitive
Deacon, Madge House of Angels Reader
Fitzgerald, Shaldon & Heidi McCormack Psychic/mentalist/hypnotist
Huyghe, Claudine Psychic Reader
Jaeger, Tanja Psychic Reader
Johnson, Patsy Psychic Reader
Khubukeli, Evelyn (Noluthando) Sangoma/Traditional Healer
Lindy-Ann  Christian Counselling
Louw, Daan Astrologer
Millar, Theresa Reader
Olsen, Michael Psychic Reader
Poole, Adrian Psychic Reader
Sahaja Yoga - Paul Barberton Meditation Techniques
Austen, Lydia Swedish/Full Body MassageMassage
Chauhan, Jasmita Indian Head Massage
Childs, Ryan Medical Intuitive, reflexol, aromatherapy, colour therapy
Corker, Tahiera Reflexology Massage
Hodgkinson, Michelle  
Hill, Brandon Emotional and Pranic energy healing/chakra balancing
Hughes, Alan Life Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy
Jardine, Maureen & Terri-Lynn Thai Massage
Jones, Sigi Iridology
Kagelelo (Face2Face Wellnes Studio) Swedish/Head,Back&Neck/Legs&feet Massage/Pedi/Mani
Kooverjee, Pramula & Omar, Rashida Pedicures & Reflexology
Mathebule, Carol Vumkuwa Traditional African Healing
Nash, Tania & Jacobs, Renata/Davy, Cathy Davy Academy of Shiatsu
Newman, Andrew Healing (Barbara Brennan)
Nixon, Marion Shiatsu Chair Massage
O'Driscoll, Michaela Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Reflexology
Robertson, Emily Reiki, felt hats & sculptures
Shaw, Robert Reflexology Massage
Terblanche, Elrine, Universal Footprints Reiki, ayurvedic massage, reflexology
Verwy, Bridgette Massage
Allen, Karen Aromatherapy/Herbal Remedies
Bezuidenhout, Tamar & Voigt, Berto Essence spiritual products &
Berto (Voigt) Aura Readings
Bergstedt, Turid kaleidoscopes
Chauhan, Hershila Eastern goods/Incense
Davies, Rob Enviro-friendly water-based Air Fresheners
Diener, Helen Health Shack skincare prods & esoteric items
Geraghty, Linda Candles share with electronic impulse massage machine
Gibson, Ronald Healing Oils
Hartman Redgrave, Noesjka Soulogical Diaries, Calendars & Glitter Art
Hinds, Lin Healthway Products
Homewood, John Wisdom Music to Nourish CDs, DVDs, books
Huang, Miles Chinese Calligraphy
Hutchinson, Pat Soaps
Le Cash, Judy Peruvian Jewellery & Accessories
Louw, Ceciel  & Giliam, Maureen Aromatherapy Products
Magan, Chandra Henna Tatoos
Margetts, Carol Franckincense
Pape, Roz Blueprint for Creation Numerology
Scordilis, Basil - Metavarsity Metavarsity Metaphysical Courses
Shepherd, Lindy MP3 Player with Guided Visualisations
Te Water, Lindi Healing Sounds: Tibetan Singing Bowls/Gongs etc
Tiffin, Maria Awesome Orgonite Jewllery
Tilley, Elaine Healthway, Water, AIM
Tritton, Rod Exploring Mystery book (electr for PC)
Fuidge, Sally Jewellery
Gunn, Robynn Ruby-Lee Rags
Kirby, Judy Jewellery, crystals/runes etc
Sentamu, Jezzy  
Collins, Dee Riverside Patch Organic Food
Elizabeth, Hare Krsna Vegetarian Food
Patel, N Indian Sweetmeats
Vyas, Michael & Lalita Hare Krsna Vegetarian Food
Williams, Marlon Cocoa Fair Organic Chocolates
Bleker, Karen Ceramics
Gabbi Clothing
Grace, Guildford Clothing
Nelson, Sarah Jewellery
Rhode, Richard Graphic Art Prints
Roberts, Petrina (MENNGOS) Plants, crafts, organic veggies
Sefton, Marion (sharing w/ M.Terreblanche & Z.Taussig) Crystals
Terreblanche, Maureen 2nd hand Books sharing with Marion Sefton
Taussig, Zee (sharing with Marion Sefton) Esoteric Art
Arantza Herbs
Bailey, Marlene Swarovsky Crystals/Jewellery/Clothes
Caldwell, Tanith Incense & crystals
Coleman, Marion Druids Crystals/Jewellery
Cordaro, Amber 021 6965366 Cushions/Bags
De Waal, Adrian & Retha (028 8400456) Vintage style ladies/kids clothes - natural fibres
Diana Hand-made Jewellery
Dirks, Chrisando Leather Sandals/Shoes
Fey, Pixie Fairy Ornamnets
Forrest, Liesl Artwork: www.forrestart.co.za 
Franciscus, Annette Beaded bracelets/pearl sets
Freedman, Andrew Books/CDs etc
Johnstone, Ken/Pat Clothes
Majola, Sihle - Mac Pet Tags
Maritz, Vilma MENNGOS bakes
Mc Shannon, Cathy Photo's & cards
Mousa Sunglasses & Caps
Mungai, Simon African crafts, beaded jewellery
Ngwira, Fernandes Plants
Pitmann, Laura Handcrafts
Prinsloo, Anna Scarves
Rome, Sharon Jewellery/ 2nd hand books
Roos, Anet Face painting & balloons
Sitaram (Zebulon) Indian clothes & fabrics
SKA Debbie/Yani Clothing
Summer - Hippie Culture Crystal jewellery, dreamcatchers, crystals, hair braids  etc
Talana/Jamie SKA Clothing
Taverner, Samantha Steampunk Jewellery: made from watchparts
Theron, Anni Cobwebs Clothing
Vanessa & Ricky Clothes
Van Sittert, Penni Magnes & Them Illustrations
Whitman, Cheryl Wicked Clothes
Damon, Desiree Veg & Meat Eats
Ebrahim, Rashida Wholesome Eats Recipes (Eastrn), jams, saffron, vanilla
Greg Nougat
Lingg, Beetee & Fred Africa Juice Bar Fresh Juices, water & soft-drinks
Omar, Nadima Koeksisters & other traditional foods
Pretorius, Tammy Fresh Design Food baked goods: bread,croissants etc
Sickle, Mark Pickle Atjars & Sauces
Umquys-Le Grange, Michelle & Firas Nachos & Cupcakes (www.cupcakesetc.net)
Vambe, Humphrey The Real Schawarma meat and felafel schawarmas
Vergotine, Fozia Candy floss/sweets/paaper/crackles
Wang, Tammy (Ann Wang & Kenny Tsai) Dumplings, star rice, egg roll, taiwan chips, green tea, crystal salt, cookies
Reed, Gerald Honey
Caffe Pronto Jo Wade Coffee


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